What next in Bulgaria?


I will roll the dice soon …

I’m scared to make a movement and end up in a location, situation or new beginning that reduces my quality of life.

And that’s why I am lost. And yet, I know exactly where I am.

In my fear to make any movements, perhaps I have failed to avoid disasters that made their way into my path.

Or have I ensured I attracted and absorbed all the good stuff that was due to me?

I will never be able to answer the above thoughts. Because I cannot travel back in time and run two of my lives in parallel.

“Keeping calm … I could learn a lot from these dogs I think.”


So I have to make decisions. And stick with them no matter what. To see them through. Perhaps focusing on my there and then position to avoid being lost. Or at least, not to feel lost.

Oh but wait. I am indecisive. Hmmm.

Am I indecisive because I sense danger? Or simply afraid to make take a step?

Lucky I’m impatient. And thus sooner or later I’ll roll the dice. And get on with something.

Who said patience is a virtue?

What next in Bulgaria??

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