Slatino – One of the undiscovered treasures of Bulgaria

On the way to Bansko, in the Western part of Bulgaria, there is a small and picturesque village. A village, where the people are friendly and the food – delicious. This is not Sapareva Banya or Dobrinishte. This is Slatino – my village. My favourite destination for a summer/weekend get-away.

There are no hotels, night clubs or restaurants around here; there are only two shops and a café, where the locals love to gather. There are no spa centers or golf courses, there is a swimming pool with mineral water. In summer, it’s the busiest place in the whole village. Everyone comes here to refresh…either by swimming or by drinking a cold beer. So you may wonder already what makes Slatino special? – its simplicity.

When you arrive, the locals will welcome you warmly. Most probably they will even invite you for a lunch or dinner. Not to show you their properties but to tell you their stories. To share their thoughts and personal experiences.

Did I mention people are actually friends here? There is no malice, no evil, no jealousy. The human relationships are built on trust, support and help. Even if they are not able to help you, they will gladly listen to you…and will advise you.

On holidays, everyone gathers together. There is a small church on the outskirts of the village, where in summer time the locals love to go. They bring food and drinks from home and after being in the church, sit under the shadows of the eternal trees. There they talk and enjoy…enjoy the food, their company and, most of all, life. These people are grateful for what they have even if they do not have much.

You will find Slatino near the Rila Monastery and the Stob Pyramids – two of my favourite touristic destinations not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe. The close distance aside, what I mostly like about the village is its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The feeling that the time has stopped. The sensation that even if I don’t complete all my daily duties, the world won’t end. So, if you are up for a spontaneous get-away in the very foot of Rila Mountain, you already know where to go…

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