Mike’s English Word of the Week – Fear

The very reason I am writing this article is due to the above word.Fear, meaning to be scared, threatened, apprehensive or worried due to someone or something is a word that crept up on me…while sitting in traffic.Watching the brake lights on the car in front of me go on and off as it moved slowly forward I realised what I had time to feel today – and that was fear.Why? I’ve lived life at a fast pace since I can remember. Never having time to realise, analyse or dwell on things. An extremely impatient man I am means I am always man handling life into the way I want it to be somehow.After a wonderful 5 weeks visiting family and friends in London…and bringing my beloved old car to my new home here to Bulgaria, registering it and settling in routine again, all of a sudden I find that I have to go with the flow…a new venture looms work wise…very much an unknown. I can’t do it in autopilot. I have to learn. And learn fast.I’m super excited.And yet deep fear settled into me today at short notice when I wasn’t prepared for it. Will I make it work? What if? What if? What if?I hate “what if?”. And yet it’s a bad habit I have.Then I remembered that fear is simply an energy. So I have to rely on it to move me forward and ensure I’m successful. But first I have to convert the energy to keep busy. Keep my mind away from what ifs.How?By understanding that fear and excitement offer the same nerve and emotion tickling sensation…except there is a difference.With excitement you want to be exactly where you are.With fear…well, fear makes you want to run.Lucky I’m lazy. I don’t do running. I don’t rush. I move at my own pace.And by writing this article I convert fears energy from negative to positive.Excitement is here. Because I accepted fear for what it is – a form of energy. Up to you how you use it. I used it to write.How could you use it wisely next time you experience this unsettling four letter word?

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