Printing beautiful and cheap business cards in Sofia, Bulgaria

I know that for some of you this post will be completely irrelevant and not interesting at all, but the ones that need something like this: you make sure you stop by the comments later on and thank me ?

A while ago we were looking forward to printing our business cards – Rebecca created the concept of having them look like post cards and since we all loved the idea, I created the beautiful design, which I think you will appreciate. Even though we live in Bulgaria I never previously needed to print anything and my past experience with print shops was telling me something will go wrong. Luckily, I couldn’t be more mistaken.

On my first Google search for printing Business cards in Bulgaria I found G Print (I have translated their website for you since they only had it in Bulgarian) and realized that not only are their prices are pretty good, but I can also choose all the options in advance instead of waiting endlessly for a quote.

Furthermore, I asked them for a color proof of the business cards prior to the printing and they provided one within only a couple of days!

When we all figured we were happy with the colors and designs, our 400 business cards were ready within 3 days only, delivered to an office of Ekont which we chose for 80 leva only (yes, this is really 40 Euros). So, if you need to print anything – flyers, business cards, brochures- make sure you contact them!

And if you are not confident that you will be understood, please don’t hesitate to let us know- we’ll gladly help you!

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