Luxury apartments in Sofia do exist!


I was very fortunate and attended the annual Cleves Christmas party this week which was held at Cleves Blvd Residence on Cherkovna Street in the centre of Sofia. Aside from having a wonderful evening at the party and meeting some really cool people, I just had to mention it here because the apartment (pictured above) used for the party was absolutely spectacular! And I’ll be honest, Cleves are not paying me to say this, in fact I haven’t even told them I’m going to give them a special mention. I just think when something is great it should be talked about.

I’ve searched for an apartment in Sofia and let me tell you they’re not all nice! It’s really difficult to find something modern to start with and then when you do it’s often really small. This Cleves apartment was enormous and the decor was stunning. It’s the kind of place you see in a magazine and it’s not just a show home either, all of the apartments are just as great.

Of course you’ll pay a premium for such a nice place but if you can afford it then do it, it’s worth every cent. I also met lots of their staff and they’re all so friendly. They all speak perfect English (the company directors are English) and when you live in a Cleves apartment they take care of everything for you. How nice is that?

So, thank you to all at Cleves for the lovely evening and for showing me a bit of luxury living in Sofia!

Here’s a few photos from the evening – head over to their facebook page to see them all!





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