LEGO Festival in The Mall, Sofia

If you want to see some amazing things made out of LEGO then I recommend you go to The Mall in Sofia this September. There is a LEGO festival taking place for the whole month of September and throughout the mall they have some incredible LEGO models. The first ones I spotted while on the escalator were some scary looking characters from Star Wars and then I got really excited when I found Buzz and Woody from Toy Story! Probably my absolute favourite was the beautiful Matryoshka doll, it reminded me of my authentic Matryoshka collections that I got from

For children there is a LEGO play area on the top floor of The Mall, next to the food court. There are weekend LEGO tournaments where children can learn through play and lots of opportunities to win prizes. The schedule of the tournaments can be found here.

The LEGO exhibition is very impressive and definitely worth a look! Each model has information about the weight of the LEGO and the time involved in creating it. For example, the Buzz Lightyear model weighs 100kgs and took 137 hours to create!

Here’s a few photos of my favourites from the LEGO festival:

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