German Christmas Market, Sofia

**UPDATE FOR 2016** The Christmas market opens on the 18th November 2016

I do love a Christmas market, probably because I love Christmas. There’s something so nice about wrapping up all warm and cosy and heading to a Christmas market to see pretty decorations and handmade crafts while drinking some warm mulled wine. I don’t like the cold but I love the ‘feel’ of December. Even when it’s cold outside there’s a warmth in the air in December, it’s like every person is glowing a little more than usual in anticipation of Christmas. I’ve been to someĀ amazing Christmas markets in Europe and they definitely work well as tourist attractions. Our little German Christmas market in the centre of Sofia isn’t quite on the same scale as the famous ones in Germany or even those in Prague or Budapest but it’s a good start!

If you head to the National Theatre in Sofia you’ll find a very nice, albeit small, Christmas market selling handmade crafts and tasty German food. You probably wont spend more than twenty minutes browsing the stands but if you’re close by the centre I’d definitely recommend you stop by and take a look. They have really cute Christmas decorations and lots of other handmade trinkets that will make great Christmas gifts. Also, the German sausage hot dogs are amazing and they’re only 3.50 leva! It’s worth stopping by just to try one of those!

I’d love to see this market grow in size and popularity, I’m sure if Sofia put on a big Christmas market for the month of December it would be a huge hit with tourists from all over Europe. So far the city is looking quite Christmassy with lots of lights and Christmas trees but if we could have a huge market in the centre it would be amazing – maybe they could add an ice skating rink too!

What do you think? Would you like to see a big Christmas market in Sofia?




The market is open daily until the 21st December from 11am-9pm.

**UPDATE FOR 2016** The Christmas market opens on the 18th November 2016

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