Best Bulgarian food to eat this winter

It’s that time of year where at least for one month we can really enjoy food and drinks without feeling too guilty. At Christmas time it’s just expected that you will eat your own body weight in food every day and wash it all down with a few drinks. We spend the rest of the year trying to be good by eating as healthy as possible and we spend the lead up to summer hitting the gym so we can feel good on the beach but December is just different. DECEMBER = FOOD FREEDOM! It’s really cold outside and we’ll be wearing several layers anyway so it doesn’t matter, does it ?

So with that in mind I’d like to share with you some of the tastiest and most mouthwatering Bulgarian food and drink that I am enjoying in the lead up to Christmas!

1. Banitsa (or sometimes called Banichka)

This has to be one of the greatest foods in Bulgaria. It’s a flaky, greasy pastry, usually filled with Bulgarian cheese or ham and always served hot. It’s the perfect food to eat for breakfast on a cold winter morning. You will be full and you’ll feel all warm inside. Oh and if you like olives the cheese and green olive combo is AMAZING!







2. Chicken soup in a bread roll

We’ve mentioned this one before in our review of Divaka but this is such a good winter meal. The soup is served piping hot and as you eat the soup you can pick at the sides of your bread roll to dip, delicious. I recommend eating this on a cosy evening at home or as a satisfying lunch after a morning of skiing, either way you will enjoy it.










3. Moussaka

You may have heard of Moussaka before as despite being a popular Bulgarian dish it has Arab origins and is also enjoyed in Turkey and Greece. This particular mix of beef, potatoes, yogurt and eggs make a good hearty meal that will certainly warm you up on a cold winter day.








4. Kebabche

These kebabs are great to have with some carrot salad, warm bread and a little bit of Lutenitsa (spicy sauce).


5. Bulgarian Red Wine

I thought I should slip in some Bulgarian wine because I am a huge fan. Bulgarian wine is truly amazing and you can buy a bottle of very nice local wine from around just 3 EURO. I want to write more about the wine here, so in the spring I plan to do some wine tasting. I’ll share much more with you then!


6. Tripe Soup

Tripe soup is a bit like Marmite, you’ll either love it or hate it! My first taste of this was very pleasant indeed, the flavour is strong and it’s unusual but I liked it, until I was told what’s in it! I do still eat it but I have to not think about what it actually is to enjoy it now! Also, all Bulgarians will tell you that this is the best cure for a hangover – I’ve never tested the theory but maybe I will and let you know how it goes!


7. Bob s Nadenica (Beans with Sausage)

Bob means beans in Bulgarian which for some reason I always find really funny, childish I know! Anyway, this traditional dish of beans and sausage is a kind of casserole which is another perfect winter warmer.










Hope you get the chance to try some or all of these delicious Bulgarian dishes. If you do let me know what you think in the comments!

And, keep an eye out for a post from me in January called something like “My favourite gyms in Sofia – trying to lose all the kilos I gained in December”. That should be an interesting read!


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