Choosing a place to live in Sofia


When you’re new to a city, one of the most common questions to ask is “what’s the best area to live in?”

This can depend on many things, like where you will work, where your children will go to school or whether you’d prefer to live in a house or apartment.

Where is the best place to live in Sofia?

Like in most cities, there’s a few locations in Sofia which are most popular with expats. This is often because these areas have English speaking schools nearby, or they’re central and have good access to public transport, or they are in key locations where Embassies or international companies have offices.

Doctor’s Garden

In the centre of the city, Doctor’s Garden is a beautiful area, surrounded by restaurants and bars, this is one of the most sought after locations in Sofia. If you’re planning to live in the city centre and have a car, keep in mind that parking can be difficult. You should look for a property with underground parking or a garage. If your home / work / school is in the centre of Sofia, you may not need a car as there is a good public transport network including buses, trams and metro. A monthly ticket for unlimited use of all lines is just 50 leva

Dragalevtsi, Bistritsa and Boyana

If you prefer a little more space and fresher air, there are some fantastic areas in the foothills of Vitosha Mountain, such as Dragalevtsi, Bistritsa or Boyana. Here you will find gorgeous houses often with incredible views of the city. If you choose to live in a house on the outskirts of the city, it’s important to remember that Sofia does have harsh winters. The roads leading to these houses can be very steep and when there’s snow and ice you will need a suitable 4×4 vehicle to drive safely there. There are buses which connect these areas to the centre of the city, however I would recommend having a car for convenience. Driving to the city centre would usually take no more than 30 minutes. The city’s ring road is easily reached from all of these areas within a few minutes.


Another well-liked area is Pancharevo. The location is known for its lake which is a popular spot in the summer months for rowing and fishing. There is also one of the best schools in Sofia here. Again, getting to the centre of Sofia by car shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes (with traffic). From Pancharevo lake to Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is around 15kms.


Mladost has become a favourite location to live for many people working in Sofia’s Business Park. The Business Park has scores of international companies and as a result, lots of locals and foreigners have chosen to make the Mladost area their home. With a great connection to the city centre via the metro and buses and a plenty of modern apartment buildings popping up, this is a good option if you’d like to spend less time commuting to work.

Old and ornate or modern and trendy?

There are so many fantastic properties dotted around the city of Sofia. Whether you’re looking for old character buildings with ornate windows and high ceilings, or modern apartment blocks with spa centres and gyms, you will be spoilt for choice in Sofia.



The best advice we can give is to first think about what will be convenient for you in terms of location and commuting. Then think about the type of property you would prefer. Do you like antique furniture and places with character and charm, or do you prefer modern, minimalist design and 24 hour security. Once you’ve considered these factors you can narrow down your search and with a good property agent, you will find that Sofia has a lot to offer. As for rent prices, again this can depend on many things such as location, size, facilities and so on, but they can range from 300 EUR to 3000 EUR. Some more, and some less.

One last thing to add, and probably one of the most important to mention, I have never felt unsafe in Sofia, anywhere.


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