Celebrating Free Sofia Tour’s 5th Birthday

On Thursday 13th August we joined the Free Sofia Tour to celebrate their 5th birthday. It’s no wonder that this group of energetic guides are running tours that are more and more successful as each year passes. The Free Sofia Tour (and Free Plovdiv Tour) are walking tours that, obviously, are free to join and they welcome visitors from all over the world. The tours are incredibly well organised and the guides are not only knowledgeable but also really fun to spend a couple of hours with.

The group behind the tours, 365 Association are very passionate about sharing all the great stuff there is to know about Bulgaria, which is why we love them so much!

The party was held at One More Kino (One more Cinema) which is a cool bar with an open air cinema screen and on arrival we were greeted by one of the team. We were given some games to take part in throughout the evening which made it really easy to break the ice and talk to everyone. And of course, there was birthday cake which had been homemade by the team and was absolutely delicious!

It was a great night and we loved celebrating with the coolest tour guides in Bulgaria! Happy Birthday Free Sofia Tour, here’s to many more successful years ahead!

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