Buzludzha Monument

While visiting the Shipka Memorial Monument, I wanted to take the opportunity to see the nearby Buzludzha (Buzludja) monument up close too. This monument, which sits on top of the Buzludzha peak, was built by the Bulgarian communist regime and opened in 1981.

The building was used as a meeting place for communist leaders but since the fall of the regime it has no longer been maintained. It is now vandalised with graffiti and completely abandoned and due to being incredibly unsafe, it’s also now closed to the public.

The Buzludzha communist monument is also sometimes referred to as the ‘UFO’ due to its shape and size. It’s definitely one of the weirdest buildings I’ve ever seen! Although I would have liked to have seen how it looked inside, it was incredibly dirty and full of broken glass. Also, the idea of the roof collapsing on me was reason enough not to try and break in!

I wouldn’t make a special trip just to see Buzludzha monument from the outside, but if you’re visiting the Shipka Memorial and have some spare time then it’s definitely worth taking the extra 25 minute drive to have a look!

There are a lot of people who would like to see Buzludzha monument restored and opened as a museum. Whilst many others of course, would like to see it destroyed. Personally, I believe that history should be never be forgotten, no matter how terrible it may be. We must learn from our past and using the monument as a museum to communism would be my suggestion. Wouldn’t it be incredible for people to learn more about Bulgarian history by visiting the Shipka Memorial Museum and the Buzludhza Museum at the same time?!

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