Ancient City of Nessebar

The Ancient City of Nessebar is one of the nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria. Originally a Thracian settlement, this beautiful city on the black sea coast is more than 3000 years old.

Nessebar is very close (just 10 mins drive) to the popular beach resort, Sunny Beach. There is a new town in Nessebar where you will find many hotels, shops, restaurants, bars and a lovely beach and this is a good alternative to the party town of Sunny Beach if you’re looking for a slightly quieter holiday!

The ancient city of Nessebar is a small area located on a peninsula and connected to the new town by a man-made isthmus (from Ancient Greek meaning a narrow strip of land connecting two areas of land). As you approach you will see the famous Nessebar wooden windmill, a landmark which is almost compulsory to take a photograph next to! The ancient city is hidden away behind the remains of its Roman Fortress walls. Inside the walls you will walk the cobbled narrow streets and see the traditional Bulgarian wooden houses. You will also find many churches here, the oldest, Church of St Sophia, dates back to the 5th century.

For me the best time to visit the ancient city of Nessebar is in the evening. The dimly lit cobbled streets, quiet cafes and restaurants and the incredible churches still partly standing from more than a thousand years ago create a romantic atmosphere that is like no other. As you walk slowly through these streets you can begin to imagine how things were all those years ago. It’s difficult to describe the atmosphere in words, but perhaps the photos will help you to see how special it really is.

Nessebar ancient city is a museum town that you must add to your list of places to visit. We are very fortunate to have such rich history available to see and experience here in Bulgaria and this is just one of the many places that I am in love with.

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