Vestigo – a really challenging real life escape room!

Sofia is like Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans (Harry Potter) – there’s something for every taste! There are some beans that you’ll love and today I have prepared a candy with a very adventurous flavor just for you!

As Rebecca mentioned in her previous post, we are on a mission here: we’re trying to get to as many escape rooms possible and tell you about the awesome adventures you can dedicate your evenings in Sofia to. This time we went to Vestigo.

As experienced “escapers” we thought we had already pretty much seen it all and even though all rooms are different, we were confident it would be hard to surprise us. Luckily, we were wrong! If you have also been to few escape rooms and feel ready to take the challenge to another level, read on!

You know that just like with the rest of the rooms I will not be telling you details about the game. But I will tell you that this one is HARD! I kid you not – my nearly arrogant attitude style “You can’t scare me, I’ve seen it all” was tamed in no time by the geniuses who have created the puzzles in Vestigo Escape room! Well played, no doubt 🙂

Vestigo’s concept is called “steampunk” – basically the feeling you’ve suddenly entered the backstage of the “Around the World in 80 days” movie. The game is absolutely perfect for a team building activity, family fun or just an adventurous hour with your friends.  So, grab your friends and head off to Vestigo – but make sure you book your hour through their website first!

Vestigo’s FB Page
Vestigo’s Twitter Account

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