Taking the Free Plovdiv Tour

A few months ago I wrote about Taking the Free Sofia Tour and how much I loved it, so, I decided that I should really try out the same tour in Plovdiv!

After more than a year in Bulgaria I was desperate to visit Plovdiv, I had heard so many great things about this city and I’m pleased to say, they were all true. Plovdiv is BEAUTIFUL!

There is a Free Plovdiv Tour every day at 2pm and just like the Sofia tour this is regardless of the weather and takes about 2 hours. We visited last weekend and despite having a cold winter so far, we chose the nicest possible day. It was 16 degrees and sunny which made walking around and seeing the sites a real pleasure. Some of the tour takes you up some pretty steep hills so I’m not sure I would have enjoyed the walk so much if it was icy!

The great thing about taking these tours is that you get to see everything in the city that you wouldn’t want to miss and you get to hear all of the information about these sites. I know that without our wonderful guide we wouldn’t have found half of the places and we certainly wouldn’t have known the history behind them. You’ll notice that I made friends with the cheeky old man, Miljo while I was in Plovdiv. He was very famous for being a little bit crazy and making people laugh often, which is why a statue was made of him, to remind people of his fun spirit. Some people say that he’s there ready to listen to your wishes and make them come true, others say he was just slightly deaf! You can decide which story to believe but I like the idea of making a wish with Miljo!

I will write more about Plovdiv soon, in the meantime, take a look at some of the photos I took while on the tour.

If you get the chance I definitely recommend you visit Plovdiv soon and do take the free tour!

Oh, and in the summer I’ll be trying the Free Varna Tour too!



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