Iyengar Yoga Classes in Sofia

For about a year I have been talking about going to try a yoga class in Sofia, but, as usual, finding the time to do it has been the struggle. This week I finally made the time and went to try an hour and a half of Iyengar Yoga in Sofia.

Iyengar Yoga in Sofia

If I’m honest, I stumbled across Iyengar Yoga by chance however, after doing some more research and having a detailed explanation by Polina before the class, I’m very glad I did. I’ll try to give you a very brief overview of Iyengar Yoga and explain why I am so happy that this is the type of yoga I’ve started with.

Firstly, probably one of the most important things to mention is that in Iyengar Yoga, you use props to help you. This doesn’t mean that you won’t work as hard, far from it! What this means is that as a beginner you will be assisted in achieving the correct posture or pose without doing yourself any physical harm. The props used include ropes, chairs, blocks, cushions and belts. I admit that when I saw these props in Polina’s Iyengar Yoga Studio yesterday I was a little bit afraid, but once we started working with them and I felt the benefit of using a prop in every posture, it was a huge relief! Iyengar Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga and focuses on the development of asanas (yoga positions) to unite the body, mind and spirit for overall health and well being. There’s no chanting or anything else like that during the class, the focus is very much on the alignment of the body. The teacher will assist you to ensure that you get as close to the correct position as possible. As a complete yoga beginner I was quite nervous, however Polina made me feel very comfortable, and apart from the physical exhaustion I felt, I can even go as far to say that it was fun!

If you’ve been thinking about trying yoga for the first time, or perhaps trying a different kind of yoga, I really urge you to go along to Polina’s Iyengar Yoga studio in Sofia. Polina is Russian and also speaks Bulgarian and English. The class can even be held in a mixture of languages depending on the group.

The Iyengar Yoga 108 studio is located in Geo Milev, just a couple of minutes walk from Sky City Mall. Don’t be put off by the old style building that the studio is in either, once inside you will see the beautiful, modern studio and feel completely at ease. You can park for free at Sky City Mall for 4 hours too which is useful if you can’t find any street parking nearby.

Classes at Iyengar Yoga 108 in Sofia cost 18 leva, or, if you’d like to buy a block of ten classes you can reduce that cost to 13 leva per class. After an hour and a half in this class I guarantee you will feel great and even perhaps slightly addicted! I can’t wait to go back and I’m looking forward to feeling the benefits of practicing Iyengar Yoga regularly.

Polina has a schedule of classes that include mornings and afternoons during the week, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7pm and Saturday mornings at 10am. For the full details or to book a class, you can contact Polina via email at [email protected] or via her Facebook page and website.

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