Facts about Bulgarian Women, True or False!

True or False? A few facts, that foreign guys should know about Bulgarian Women (written by a Bulgarian Woman!)


Bulgarian Girls are crazy!


This includes mood swings, jealousy, being able to make issues from anything or nothing …etc.

I guess it’s just the Balkan’s syndrome! Something that you cannot understand, unless you were born here!

But come on, guys, that is exactly why you like Bulgarian girls. Too much passion, I know, but much better than a cold, calm, snake, right! ? ?


Bulgarian women are veerrryyy jealous!


Even worse! Jealous and obsessive! If you remember what Joey from “Friends’’ likes to say “Joey doesn’t share food’’, same goes for Bulgarian girls. We do not like to share neither food, nor men! We do not mind to share other women’s men, tho! ?


Bulgarian women all look like porn stars!


Fake boobs, fake lips, fake hair…Yes, this is what you see if you go to a chalga club, but not all of us look like this! (I am not sure if this is good or bad news for you, guys ahahaa) There are lots of classy Bulgarian women, so keep searching!


Bulgarian girls are gold-diggers!

True and False!

I really don’t want to sound like a bitch, but lots of the girls here care too much about the men’s financial status! I guess this is pretty normal, because women naturally look for protection! But It is a huge problem if the only thing a woman is looking for is money! I also believe a wise and intelligent man would easily recognize a woman like that! ?


Bulgarian women are good housewives!


That’s right! Most of us are very family-orientated, we can prepare nice meals (and banitsa), we know how to make a man feel comfortable and cozy at home! And at the same time to be successful at work!


Bulgarian girls care a lot about beauty!


And I think this is a positive thing! Beauty doesn’t come naturally all the time, some women were not born beautiful, but we take a lot of care of ourselves! Bulgarian girls try to be fit, visit the hair salon regularly, use sun beds, eat healthy food, do our make up…bla bla! But men are attracted by the looks, right?!


Bulgarian women hate their mothers in law!


I absolutely have no idea what is wrong with us, but that’s a fact! She may be the most perfect woman in the world, but we always find her annoying! No matter what! Sorry, guys, just be prepared!


Bulgarian girls are both beautiful and intelligent!


Unfortunately a perfect world doesn’t exist! You have to choose – beautiful or clever!

I am joking!

And this is such a huge cliché- if a Bulgarian girl is hot, that doesn’t mean she is dull! Most of the times yes, but we need to know how to think positive! ?


I really hope you found this article helpful! And remember – love is unpredictable and it comes when you are not even expecting it!

Love, live life and enjoy every day! ?





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