Bulgarian Girls – A Dutch Man’s Advice to Dating

Dear readers,

This piece is a Dutch reply on the the well-written guide by Antonia Chukova.  Thanks first of all for your valuable insights!

So let’s talk about those Vikings that seem to have invaded Bulgaria with their strange culture, clear blue eyes and above all, tall posture.

We are exotics here, therefore we don’t know about all customs here.  Ok speaking for myself, I eat shkembe and drink troyanska rakia, so I guess I am adapting quite well.

A few points from my side to make the cultural clash that happens between a Viking and a Bulgarian lady a little less dramatic.


1 Logic and reason

Yes, we are blessed (or cursed) by the teachings of  Aristotle.  We Vikings like to have a reason for most of the things that happen in our lives.  A sudden change of plans or emotion is something that sets our minds at work and we need to find an answer to the “Why”?

Don’t see this as a mandatory justification, just know you Bulgarian ladies can be very confusing for us…  I am aware that you also don’t know why; just thank me for my care and my flexibility and all is forgotten.


2 Be on time

Now I am not talking 5 or 10 min, but let’s say more than 15…  It’s ok to be later, but please let me know. Waiting is torture for a Viking so at least let us know how long the torture is going to take.  Please don’t justify yourself with a non-logical reason (see point 1). The fact that you had to come from Obeliya is not a valid excuse,  you knew that when you made the appointment, and the distance did not change overnight.  Same is with “busy traffic”   Traffic in Sofia is not a new problem. We Vikings like our relations (being friends or lovers) to be reliable, it gives us the idea we can trust a person.


3 Exes

Don’t go there on the first date. Asking a Viking on the first date about his ex(es) is like meeting a train driver and ask about his first run in with a person. It’s far too much for us to handle. If we decided we can trust you we tell you everything…. give it some time.


4 But a Bulgarian man would …

Great if you want to compare us with Bulgarian men, it will teach us more about your culture.  However, don’t use it to show that your culture is better than ours.  If that’s what you think,  great, date a Bulgarian guy and let’s stop wasting each other’s time. Dating an exotic is not your cup of tea.


5  Sex on the first date

Now, this sounds maybe strange coming from a man, and it’s more a personal thing (imho)  but I want to put it here anyway.

Bulgarian ladies in general, look gorgeous and I really appreciate all the effort you do to make a stunning impression every time again!  So, for the physical aspect, there is nothing to stop me from engaging in intimacy right away.  However, I like to know who is behind this stunning body with fitting clothes. Therefore, I am reluctant to engage in sex right away.  Now don’t see this as a rejection… actually the opposite is true… Be a little patient and you will see it will be rewarded.


6 Being a gentleman

We Vikings are gentlemen… we are however terrible cavaliers… ?  Our gentlemanliness shows itself in allowing you to say what you think and see you as the person you are and not only a nice body to use for pleasure. We see you as our equals and this stops our cavalierness a bit. Don’t worry, dating a Viking means you have to explain this to him; because it does not come naturally to him, again some patience and encouragement and it will be fine.


7 Being a good lover

Sure, we are good lovers, we just like to back our sexual capabilities up with trust dedication and commitment.  And as a bonus, we can clean and cook ?


All and all we are not so bad ? We have nice genes as well (size does matter right), and with openness from both sides, there is nothing in the way to start a healthy passionate and committed relationship!


We’d like to thank Cris from Link2Bulgaria for this very helpful response to our original article by Antonia!




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